Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I got a chance to try it for free the new dishwashing liquid available in the market, the Bubble Man Liquid Dishwashing. My friend introduce it to me and honestly, I hesitated at first because I was used to the leading brand I'm using at home. I'm very much practical in choosing a household product. I'm not into quantity nor into the one that cost you less. I look into quality the product offers. But after a few days of testing the product, it's safe for me to say that there's a new alternative for Mom like me to replace the overly priced leading brand. True to its tagline, Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is gentle on hands and the easy rinse formula is very effective. I also like the smell which is not too strong. 

This new dishwashing liquid comes in 3 (three) variant: Lemon, Kalamansi and Antibac. Available in 2 sizes, 270ml and 880ml.

Photo courtesy by duldulao.net
Good news for all the Moms out there, the 270ml bottle cost only at P32.50 it's very affordable compared to the leading brand. They have a running promo now, buy 2 bottles of 32ml for Php55.00 while 2 bottles of 880ml for only Php120.00.  It is indeed a great deal! As for opening the bottle, be sure that you have  a good grip to pull the lock 'coz I had a hard time on opening it myself though. 
Another thing is, Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is made from biodegradable ingredients. It is! It doesn't contain the Sodium Tripolyphospate. Much safer to use and eco-friendly. Truly amazing huh! How is that? We all know that Sodium Tripolyphospate is harmful to our planet. So switch now to Bubble Man Dishwahsing Liquid. Bear in mind that by using this,  you are helping save the environment in your own little way. Overall, Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is something that your money worth to buy for.

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid is a product of Mikewell World of Household Products, Inc and is now available in all supermarkets nationwide and you may also place an order online. Visit their facebook page https://facebook.com/Mikewell-World-of-Household-Products-Co-173085302758406/?_rdr to know more about the product.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


The Social Security System launched the SSS PESO Fund (Personal Equity and Savings Option)  a voluntary Provident Fund open for existing SSS members. It is voluntary Fund giving an opportunity to the members to save for their retirement tax-free and with guaranteed earnings.

Who may apply:
  • All members of SSS who is below 55 years of age
  • Have paid contributions in the regular program at least six (6) consecutive months within the 12-month period prior to the month of enrollment
  • Self-employed (SE), voluntary (VM) and OFW members should be paying the maximum amount of contributions under the regular program
  • Have not filed any final claim under the regular program
For enrollment please visit the nearest SSS branch near you. Membership in the Fund begins with the payment of the first contribution to the P.E.S.O. Fund. A member can contribute to the P.E.S.O. Fund anytime he/she has excess funds. Each member shall be allowed a maximum contribution of Php100,000.00 per annum and a minimum of Php1,000.00 per contribution.

The members contributions shall be allocated to three (3) types of accounts:
  1. Retirement/Total Disability - 65%
  2. Medical - 25%
  3. General Purpose (such as education, housing, livelihood, unemployment) - 10%
Withdrawal from the SSS P.E.S.O. Fund are not allowed on retirement/total disability. The portion allotted to the medical and general purpose accounts are allowed to be withdrawn. The member will receive benefits from the P.E.S.O. Fund upon filing for a retirement, total disability or death claim under the regular SSS program. The member's contributions and the earnings from the SSS P.E.S.O. Fund  may opt to receive this in monthly pension, lump sum or a combination of both.